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“I use Software and Business Development to create long-term value through technology.”

Ivan Krushkov

Web Developer

Cambridge, UK

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About me

Hello, I'm Ivan! I enjoy creating things that combine engineering and the latest tech alongside business thinking and strategy. All of that wrapped up in an agile environment. I love to code and also love to give that code meaning by using my commercial expertise. Turning projects into opportunities for the betterment of their end-users as well as the company they are made for. I adore technology and how it can make our lives better. My passion started with game development and visual effects, then I moved to commercial and business development to see where best I can apply new technology. That leads me to today, where I want to directly engineer the projects I'm standing behind and drive myself and teams forward with my business mind.

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Tech I've recently used:
JavaScript, TypeScript, C++
React, Vue, Next.js
PostgreSQL, Firebase, Express
I like to make things proper:
Jira, Agile (Scrum)
Git, Perforce Helix Core
I like to make things look good:
Tailwind, CSS
Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe XD
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Latest work

Adventureme - Full-stack Travel Sharing App

work project
Unsplash API

Built a mobile app for a missing market segment to help people find adventures with friends or strangers and cut costs.


Designed, built and delivered a full-stack cross-platform mobile app in 6 months. Fully fledged business plan developed to support the need of the app and analyze any competition. Utilising Google Firebase for authentication, database and storage.

Matrix Class and Container for C++

work project

Needed a way to manipulate and calculate matrices to help with a Machine Learning course and training.


A robust class and STL-like container to compute matrix operations. Built unit tests for each operation. Minimizing memory needs with move constructors where possible.

Next.js Typescript and Tailwind Portfolio

work project
Adobe XD

Using the latest web tech and a Jamstack paradigm, a refresh of my Wordpress based portfolio was needed.


New portfolio. Fluid, fast and built from scratch on the latest available web frameworks. Designed with inspiration from Bauhaus and the Modernism movements. Deployed on the edge.

Open source contributions

OpenRCT2 - Roller Coaster Tycoon 2

Supporting one of my favourite games with its open source implementation. Successfully added and merged new features. Collaborating over on the main GitHub page of the project with other contributors.

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In brief


Software development skills:

  • Writing efficient, maintainable and testable code.
  • Use and knowledge of RESTful and GraphQL APIs.
  • High flexibility and quick learning on the tools required for each project.
  • Experience of cross-platform development for Android, iOS and the web.
  • Writing user stories with focus on delivering value to the end user.

Software development practices:

  • Strong focus on team collaboration and communication.
  • Thriving in Agile environment. Solid knowledge of Jira and version control.
  • Creating high-level technical requirements and design specifications.
  • Aptitude for UX / UI Design and an eye for detail.


Responsibility and Leadership:

  • Driving engineering and non-engineering teams to timely and high-quality delivery.
  • Collaborating with Senior Management and stakeholders to ensure commercial viability and added value from products.
  • Distilling technical problems to possibly non-technical stakeholders.

Product and commercial skills:

  • Leading product strategy and underlying commercial plans, ensuring they're communicated and implemented across the organization.
  • In-depth market research - customers, competitors and overall market landscape.
  • Liaising with key customers and partners throughout the product life cycle.

Currently working at

Cambridge Intelligence - Software Developer

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